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Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions for Extreme Temperatures

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   January 19, 2024 08:00

Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions for Extreme Temperatures

Equipment operating in extreme temperatures poses numerous challenges, and the hydraulic cylinders within these machines are no exception.

Standard hydraulic cylinders may struggle to maintain optimal performance in harsh conditions, leading to increased wear and tear, reduced efficiency, and potential breakdowns.

Different industries have varying requirements for hydraulic systems, and off-the-shelf cylinders may not always meet these specific needs.

Many OEMs use RAM Industries’ custom hydraulic cylinders to overcome these challenges. Our cylinders can be explicitly designed for your equipment to withstand extreme temperatures.

RAM Industries has 50 years of expertise working with many different industries, improving existing cylinder designs to improve performance in these demanding conditions and new equipment designs.

RAM works closely with customers to address their unique needs and ensure their cylinders are precisely engineered to meet the demands of extreme temperatures. Customization ensures that the hydraulic cylinders are optimized for the specific challenges posed by the operating environment by carefully evaluating the design, size, and pressure requirements.

RAM hydraulic cylinders can use materials and coatings to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Whether it’s scorching heat or freezing cold, these cylinders are designed to resist the adverse effects of temperature extremes such as thermal expansion and contraction. This enhanced durability ensures a longer lifespan for the cylinders, reducing the frequency of replacements and downtime and ultimately leading to a better quality experience for your customers.

Engineering your cylinders to accommodate specific temperature ranges considers all impacts of the environment, including the hydraulic fluid viscosity. Seals play a crucial role in preventing fluid leaks and ensuring the proper functioning of hydraulic cylinders. In extreme temperatures, standard seals may become brittle or lose their elasticity, compromising the integrity of the hydraulic system. RAM’s engineering team will recommend seals that are specifically tailored to withstand extreme temperatures. This targeted approach minimizes the risk of leaks and enhances the reliability of the equipment, especially in challenging operating conditions.

RAM Industries understands your equipment and reputation demand for hydraulic cylinders that meet your unique needs. You can trust RAM to deliver the quality product and service you expect.

Contact RAM today to help the cylinders on your cylinders thrive in the face of challenging operating environments.