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Single-Acting Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   September 29, 2023 08:00

Single-Acting Cylinders

Unlock the power of gravity with RAM single-acting hydraulic cylinders!

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders use pressurized fluid to extend the cylinder in one direction using a single port for fluid entry. Retraction is achieved through external gravitational force or a spring return.

RAM can easily incorporate single-acting functionality into our hydraulic cylinder designs. Our customized approach provides options in the best displacement style to meet your requirements.

The simplistic design of these single-acting cylinders can have fewer components, making them easier to maintain and more cost-effective. The straightforward design can often be lighter, which provides an advantage in applications where weight is a concern.

There are many applications that benefit from using single-acting functionality due to their simplicity, reliability, and ability to provide controlled linear motion in a single direction. Some examples include:

  • Lifting mechanism of dump trucks to raise and lower the truck bed for loading and unloading materials.
  • Compressing and reducing the volume of waste materials in dumpsters or garbage trucks.
  • Raising and lowering plows, attachments or equipment’s front loader.
  • Compressing recyclable materials into manageable bales in compactors and balers.
  • Raising and lowering vehicles in repair shops and garages.
  • Bending, stamping, and forming materials through industrial hydraulic presses.

Applications that require force in both directions or the cylinder to hold a load in position may not benefit from a single-acting cylinder design. Since the return stroke relies on external forces, the control over the return movement is more limited. The need for external forces to return the cylinder to its starting position can reduce overall efficiency, especially in repetitive operations. With these limitations, double-acting hydraulic cylinders may be preferred.

With over 50 years of cylinder experience, RAM’s technical expertise can help you determine the best hydraulic cylinder design that will meet your unique performance requirements. Our engineering team works closely with the experts at your organization to understand your application and working environment to make the appropriate recommendations.

RAM’s flexible manufacturing setup simultaneously accommodates multiple cylinder designs, low and high-volume orders, basic to sophisticated machining, and a wide range of cylinder sizes.

RAM Industries can meet your hydraulic cylinder needs for single-acting and double-acting designs.

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