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Piggy-back Hydraulic Cylinders

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 20, 2020 08:05

Piggy-back Hydraulic Cylinders

RAM Piggy-back cylinders are two cylinders that are welded or yoked together in opposite directions. This cylinder design is very effective to provide maximum stroke in areas where space is constrained. 

For applications that require a shorter retraction length, these cylinders can double the stroke available while maintaining consistent force for the full extension and retraction.

There are many advantages of building your equipment with Piggy-back style cylinders:

• Useful in light to heavy duty applications

• Better retraction forces

• Simplified seal kits with consistent barrel diameter

• Pressure ratings up to 5000 PSI

• Barrel fed cylinders can incorporate smart sensors

RAM is well versed in the latest technologies in cylinder componentry, cylinder design and manufacturing methods ensuring your cylinder functions exactly as required.

RAM's expertise is in supplying cylinders that are specifically engineered for your application. A wide range of materials, sizes (bore & stroke), and mounting options are available for RAM Piggy-back cylinders.

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