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Piggy-back Hydraulic Cylinders

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   June 29, 2023 08:00

Streamlined Efficiency in Piggy-back Cylinders

Piggy-back hydraulic cylinders are a game changer providing optimized efficiency and flexibility. These innovative cylinders provide maximum stroke even where space is constrained.

The robust design of RAM Piggy-back cylinders ensures long-term durability and reliability. They are built to withstand high-pressure conditions, extreme temperatures, and heavy-duty applications while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

The versatility of piggy-back hydraulic cylinders makes them suitable for a wide range of OEM industries and applications.

  • Material handling equipment like forklifts, cranes, and loaders give the necessary power and stability to lift and transport heavy loads easily.
  • Construction equipment like excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers utilize the lifting capacity and durability essential for the demanding nature of construction tasks.
  • Agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters, and sprayers assist in raising and lowering implements, controlling steering mechanisms, and powering other hydraulic functions.
  • Waste management equipment like garbage compactors and recycling machines require efficient and consistent operation in demanding waste-handling environments.

Piggy-back hydraulic cylinders are designed with several unique features that set them apart from traditional single-rod cylinders. These features include:


  • Dual-cylinder Design - Piggy-back cylinders consist of two cylinders mounted, one on top of the other. The upper cylinder, the piggy-back, is welded to the lower cylinder, creating a compact and robust unit. This design allows for increased stroke length and stability.
  • Space Efficiency - Piggy-back cylinders offer a space-saving advantage due to their compact design. OEMs can optimize space utilization by utilizing a vertical configuration, allowing for more efficient machinery layouts and improved efficiency.
  • Precise Control and Adjustability - Piggy-back cylinders allow for fine control and adjustability, enabling OEMs to achieve specific movements and positioning. This level of control enhances operational efficiency and improves overall productivity. 

RAM’s experienced engineering team can supply piggy-back cylinders tailored to your application. OEMs can choose many options to ensure seamless integration into your equipment designs. Common customization options include:

  • Bore and stroke lengths to match the desired force and stroke requirements
  • Versatile mounting configurations to ensure compatibility with your unique machine layouts
  • Seal configurations to suit specific environmental conditions and operating pressures
  • Different rod end styles seamlessly integrate other components and ensure efficient load transmission
  • Barrel-fed cylinders can incorporate smart sensors 

Despite their advanced features, piggy-back cylinders offer a cost-effective solution for OEMs. The increased lifting capacity and compact design lead to optimized equipment performance and reduced downtime, resulting in improved cost-efficiency over the long term.

RAM Piggy-back cylinders provide a robust and efficient solution for many applications. Optimize your equipment performance by incorporating piggy-back cylinders into your hydraulic systems.

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