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Hydraulic Cylinder Selection Strategies

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 28, 2023 08:00

Selecting the right hydraulic cylinder for your application is critical to ensure optimal performance, productivity and dependability. Having confidence in your cylinder design gives your equipment a competitive advantage.

Our focus at RAM Industries is to partner with you to provide hydraulic cylinder solutions that meet your exact requirements. RAM has 50 years of experience and expanded manufacturing facilities working with many different industries. This knowledge allows us to find practical solutions that can bring value to your equipment’s performance and longevity.

RAM’s engineering support and expertise have allowed us to help countless original equipment manufacturers find efficiencies in their cylinder designs and recommend cylinder solutions for new projects. Our custom approach looks at many different factors that can provide long-term efficiency. This includes:

  • Operating conditions and environment
  • Load and application requirements
  • Hydraulic system pressure ratings
  • Single or double-acting designs
  • Seal selection and configuration
  • Port position flexibility
  • Safety and reliability
  • Mounting options

In addition to design recommendations, RAM knows the importance of identifying and meeting your business objectives.  

Performance Improvements

RAM's engineering team works to understand your application and targeted requirements. We use our extensive design expertise and theoretical calculations to recommend cylinder designs that will optimize performance.

Hydraulic System Space Limitations

RAM can incorporate various space-saving design solutions. Examples include piggy-back or tandem cylinder designs, single or double-acting telescopic cylinders, various mounts and mounting locations, and port options for enhanced hose routing. The result is cylinders engineered to precisely fit your equipment.

Cost Reduction

RAM aims to provide competitive pricing based on specific custom cylinder needs. Our team offers various flexible cost-saving options, including design considerations, breakpoint quantity pricing or blanket purchase orders.

Domestic Cylinder Manufacturing

As a North American manufacturer, RAM is committed to providing high-quality cylinders. RAM’s factory incorporates technological advancements in machining, welding, process equipment, systems and engineering as part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Capacity

RAM's flexible manufacturing model simultaneously accommodates multiple cylinder designs, low and high-volume orders, basic to sophisticated machining, and a wide range of cylinder sizes. This means there are no limitations to incorporating your order preferences into our production flow.

Regardless of the size of your company, you can trust RAM to collaborate with your team on existing or new cylinder design solutions.

Contact the team at RAM today for your complete hydraulic cylinder solutions!