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Custom Hydraulic Cylinders - RAM Industries
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Custom Hydraulic Cylinders - RAM Industries
Custom Hydraulic Cylinders - RAM Industries

Industry Leading Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Cylinder Design Expertise
Expertise in design and manufacturing of high-quality hydraulic cylinders.
Engineered Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic cylinders engineered with you, for your equipment.
Hydraulic Cylinders ISO 9001
RAM's name is synonymous with quality, on-time delivery and exceptional service.
Custom Hydraulic Cylinders
RAM hydraulic cylinders are used on applications in a wide variety of industries.
RAM Industries Inc. is a leader in the engineering design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders for original equipment manufacturers.

RAM specializes in working alongside every customer to share ideas and gather critical information regarding hydraulic cylinder fit and performance requirements for each application. RAM establishes a close technical rapport with your experts in procurement, engineering, production and R&D. This ensures RAM will supply hydraulic cylinders with the characteristics critical to your equipment's operation - including function, quality, size and operating environment.

An exceptionally wide range of RAM cylinder styles are available – including Stabilizers, Synchronizing, Position Sensing customizations, Telescopic, and RAM's own York, RAMLok and TyRod lines. The RAM team has almost 50 years experience delivering innovative and dependable solutions to meet OEM hydraulic cylinder needs.

Join the growing number of companies that trust and rely on the RAM name.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions for Extreme Temperatures

Hydraulic Cylinder Blog

Equipment operating in extreme temperatures poses numerous challenges, and the hydraulic cylinders within these machines are no exception. Standard hydraulic cylinders may struggle to maintain optimal performance in harsh conditions, leading to increased wear and tear, reduced efficiency, and...

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