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Hydraulic Cylinder Sourcing Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   November 4, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Sourcing Solutions

Many considerations drive hydraulic cylinder sourcing decisions. When selecting your hydraulic cylinder provider, it's important to choose a company that will partner with you to understand and meet your procurement objectives.


Communication is a vital part of this partnership. The RAM team works closely with procurement and engineering staff to understand specific requirements and business objectives. Discussing your goals early in the process helps us deliver solutions that specifically meet your needs.


RAM has extensive experience delivering cylinder solutions that meet a wide range of purchasing objectives.


Cost Reduction 

RAM aims to provide competitive pricing based on specific custom cylinder needs. Our team offers a wide variety of flexible cost saving options, including design considerations, breakpoint quantity pricing or blanket purchase orders.


Performance Improvements

RAM's engineering team works to understand your application and targeted requirements. We use our extensive design expertise and theoretical calculations to recommend cylinder designs that will optimize performance.


Hydraulic System Space Limitations

RAM can incorporate various space-saving design solutions. Examples include piggy-back or tandem cylinder designs, single or double-acting telescopic cylinders, various mounts and mounting locations, and port options for enhanced hose routing. The result is cylinders engineered to precisely fit your equipment.


Domestic Cylinder Manufacturing

As a North American manufacturer, RAM is committed to providing high-quality cylinders with lead times that work for your operations. RAM’s factory incorporates technological advancements in machining, welding, process equipment, systems and engineering as part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing Capacity

RAM's flexible manufacturing model simultaneously accommodates multiple cylinder designs, low and high-volume orders, basic to sophisticated machining, and a wide range of cylinder sizes. This means there are no limitations to incorporating your order preferences into our production flow.


RAM uses an ERP system and barcode scanning to closely monitor the production progress of your order. RAM carefully plans deliveries based on your specific inventory and production timing.


RAM is committed to ensuring the correct number of cylinders are shipped on time, every time, at the cost and quality standards you expect.


We believe successful partnerships start with in-depth discussions. RAM is ready to talk with your procurement and engineering teams to understand your objectives and requirements. 


Contact RAM to discuss your needs today!




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Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinders - RAM Industries Inc.

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   November 4, 2021 08:00

Heavy-Duty York Welded Cylinders

Heavy-duty welded cylinders provide a durable solution for industries with demanding operating conditions. RAM’s Heavy Duty YORK cylinders are uniquely designed for heavy loads and extreme duty applications.

Sixty predesigned models of Heavy-Duty YORK welded cylinders are available. These durable cylinders come in two styles. One style features a welded rod and base cross tube with grease zerks that provide lubrication for the pin. Another style has welded high-strength steel clevises on the rod and base end to support both sides of the mating tang. 

This Heavy-Duty YORK line comes in bore sizes from 5 to 8 inches and stroke lengths from 8 to 60 inches. The wide range of sizes meets the requirements of many different applications in construction, industrial, off-road, agriculture, mining, transportation, waste handling, and the oil and gas sector.

RAM’s double-acting Heavy-Duty YORK cylinders are rugged and dependable with superior material, expert workmanship, and advanced engineering. The cylinder barrels are made with a thicker steel cylinder wall to provide additional retraction and extraction strength based on the force produced.

These cylinders are designed to last. Standard features include:

  • A heavy-duty piston incorporates larger seals and wear ring
  • High-pressure seals withstand high operating pressures or shock loads
  • Wear rings reduce friction and increase rod support
  • An oversized piston stem gives increased strength in retraction
  • An internally threaded gland is easily removed for maintenance and reduces the cross section

RAM’s engineering experts can help you modify an existing design or create your own custom heavy-duty welded cylinder solution specific to your equipment requirements. Customization options include specialty materials, cushioning, mounts, ports and integrated valves. Smaller or larger sizes beyond standard models are also available.

Every RAM cylinder is pressure tested at the factory to a recommended working and shock pressure.

With over 45 years’ expertise, RAM ensures your hydraulic cylinders will perform to your specifications.

Contact RAM to discuss Heavy-Duty YORK Cylinders for your equipment today!



RAM Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinder Brochure


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Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 7, 2021 08:00

Hydraulic Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

With rigorous demands placed on off-road machinery, you need assurance that the cylinders incorporated into your equipment design will stand up in the most severe applications.

RAM Industries has been supplying top-quality hydraulic cylinders for off-road equipment for over 45 years. RAM’s Heavy-Duty Cylinders perform reliably and safely, whether working under abrasive environmental elements, extreme weather conditions, and or rigorous operating conditions.

RAM's engineering team works closely to ensure properly rated materials and components are used to meet the requirements of even the most demanding and specialized equipment.

A safe working environment is critical when it comes to operations in remote locations. RAM can provide peace of mind for you and your customers by providing proof load testing and certification. This service provides assurance that your cylinders are manufactured to the strictest safety requirements.

A proof load test is typically performed on cylinders used in lifting or rigging applications, including overhead cranes and supporting runways, hoists, vehicle lifts, drilling rigs, service trucks, lifting platforms, telehandlers and attachments.

RAM cylinders can be proof tested on a load testing machine capable of linear test pulls up to 900,000 pounds. Magnetic particle tests are also available to confirm there is no evidence of cracks. Cylinders that are proof load certified may be stamped with the working load rating and a proof load rating.

RAM is committed to providing reliable cylinder solutions.

Contact RAM to discuss your project requirements today! 




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Vote for RAM Industries - Leadership in Engineering

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 7, 2021 07:59

Fluid Power Leadership in Engineering

RAM Industries is a solutions provider and thought leader in the fluid power industry. RAM represents the fluid power industry as experts in engineering, design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.

Design World has compiled the top companies for Leadership in Engineering in various industries, including Fluid Power. On the RAM Industries company profile page, you have the opportunity to vote for us as a Leader in Fluid Power!

Visit RAM’s profile and vote today!


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Full-Service Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   September 9, 2021 08:05

Full-Service Cylinder Solutions

RAM Industries provides more than hydraulic cylinders. We provide full-service solutions. RAM’s flexible approach enables us to give end-to-end cylinder solutions and services targeted to exactly what your company needs.

RAM’s experienced sales & engineering staff work closely with your team. Discovering your complete requirements before orders proceed to production allows RAM to provide solutions optimized to your procurement objectives.

There are many ways our full-service solutions can benefit your operations.

Address cylinder space limitations - The RAM engineering team can work with you to redesign existing cylinders or help create new models that fit better in your equipment.

       Explore cost reduction opportunities - Breakpoint quantity quotations or blanket purchase orders may help you save money.

       Improve cylinder inventory traceability - RAM’s barrel etching can be customized to include information important to you (part number, company name, serial number, etc.)

       Receive cylinder shipments configured to your receiving and production flow - Customized pallet solutions include multiple ship locations, multiple cylinder sizes on a pallet, or cylinder groupings specific to one machine on a pallet.

       Maximize your cylinder’s functionality and performance - Troubleshooting, installation and technical guidance, as well as RAM’s warranty coverage, are critical for after-sales support.

With over 45 years experience working with OEMs across a wide range of industries, RAM has built a name as a leader in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. Join the many companies that trust the RAM name.

Contact the team at RAM to discuss your unique requirements today.


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Pneumatic Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   September 9, 2021 08:00

Pneumatic Cylinders

RAM Industries designs and manufactures pneumatic cylinders specific to your unique applications. Industries that frequently incorporate pneumatic cylinders include material handling, packaging, agriculture, automation, entertainment, marine, transportation, food production and medical.

Pneumatic cylinders are powered using compressed air instead of hydraulic fluid. When lower power is required, these air cylinders are a reliable fluid power alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Pneumatic systems are known for having a longer operating life. They also have low maintenance requirements.

The RAM engineering team works closely with the experts in your operation to produce custom cylinders engineered for your OEM equipment requirements.

  • These cylinders are available as single-acting and double-acting cylinders using one or two ports to operate. Single-acting pneumatic cylinders can be configured with an optional spring return or extension for use in unique applications.
  • A range of barrel materials can be used for pneumatic cylinders, including stainless steel, aluminum and chrome plated on the inside barrel. These materials are corrosion resistant, which helps provide protection against moisture in the air.
  • Rod thread lengths can be produced specifically to your requirements in applications where a standard mount is not used, including non-standard thread sizes. Rod extensions can also be manufactured with non-standard lengths. 

RAM’s custom approach ensures your pneumatic cylinders provided easy interchangeability with existing cylinders and meet fit and performance requirements for existing and new equipment.

Reach out to RAM’s engineering department with your pneumatic projects so we can provide solutions that meet your specifications and expectations.


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Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   August 4, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Cushioning

Reducing the speed of a cylinder piston at the end of the stroke can be critical in some applications. RAM can incorporate hydraulic cushioning as part of a cylinder’s design. This feature can help reduce the stress on cylinder components and lesson vibration conveyed to other parts of equipment when operating at full force.

Careful evaluations by our experienced engineering staff determine the exact criteria to achieve the appropriate flow reduction. Factors that are evaluated include:

  • Maximum load that needs to be decelerated
  • Inertia and mass of the structure
  • Oil volume used in the application
  • Pressure rating of the equipment
  • Cycle time and frequency 

RAM’s engineering and machining expertise is demonstrated through the automated machining incorporating hydraulic cushions in our cylinders.

Holes are machined into the barrel, according to the cylinder design, to achieve the appropriate deceleration. Strategically placed port pass piston seals correspond to the hole locations to facilitate the restriction of oil flow. The hole location, number of holes, and piston seal placement and sizing are critical for every inch of motion. Hydraulic cushioning can be configured on both the extension and retraction ends of the cylinder.

RAM offers a few different standard cushioning configurations based on the applications the cylinder will be used on.

  • Basic applications requiring cushioning can use a design with two to four holes. A port block provides an oil channel to connect the multiple holes.
  • Applications with frequent or faster cycle time requirements may require a more complex configuration using multiple holes on the entire circumference of the barrel. An exterior steel tubing connects the internal oil channels and acts as an oil passage chamber to the port. This design allows for higher velocity cushioning and enables the cylinder to respond at a quicker rate.
  • Heavy-duty applications often use an internal configuration for cylinder cushioning. In this design the gland is machined with a precise chamber that forms a tight tolerance with a solid sleeve on the piston. A spud can also be incorporated on the end of the piston with a tight tolerance chamber in the cylinder base for double-ended cushioning.

Could your equipment benefit from the smoother stopping provided by hydraulic cushioning?

Contact the RAM team to discuss how we can incorporate hydraulic cushioning into cylinders for your projects.


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Hydraulic Attachment Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   August 4, 2021 08:00


Hydraulic Cylinder Attachment Cylinders

Hydraulic attachment equipment is incredibly versatile. It is widely used in many applications including forestry, agriculture, mining and construction. While some attachments may be large and common, some can be small and very technical.

RAM offers many standard cylinder designs that can easily be incorporated into hydraulic attachments regardless of the application. RAM Thumb Cylinders are a great example of one cylinder solution we provide for hydraulic attachment equipment.

RAM’s engineering team also designs cylinders to work with highly specialized attachments. Our expertise will ensure the cylinder designs meet the unique criteria for any application.

Features frequently incorporated into RAM attachment cylinders includes:

  • Mounts with bearings and bushings minimize wear, provide ease of servicing and assist with alignment to minimize side loading;
  • Robust hydraulic cushions incorporated into both extension and retraction ends reduce jarring with smoother deceleration;
  • Porting located on one end with steel shields protects hoses from element exposure and makes hose routing easier
  • Bolt-in glands with high-tensile head bolts support heavy-duty applications
  • Custom seal packages include wear rings and specialized high-pressure seals
  • Smart sensor technology provides precision feedback for operation

RAM’s cylinders are specifically designed with reliable performance in mind. Our commitment to quality ensures your equipment will be equipped with reliable hydraulic cylinders to perform even under the most severe-duty conditions.

Talk to the experts at RAM to discuss hydraulic cylinders for your attachment equipment today!


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Double-Acting Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 6, 2021 08:00

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

When gravity is not on your side, double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide the force required from either direction. As a result, double-acting cylinders are effective on applications that require precise control and faster extension or retraction, especially from a horizontal position.

RAM industries’ double-acting cylinder solutions are available on single-stage and multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. In addition, RAM’s engineering experts work with your team to ensure your cylinders perfectly meet your specifications and performance requirements.

RAM’s Double-Acting Telescopic cylinders encompass a complex design that involves additional sealing within the internal body of the cylinder to seal off the different stages. Passageways are machined into the internal components of the cylinder to allow for proper staging.

RAM’s standard Double Acting Telescopic designs include specially prepared chrome tubing, high-quality seals and high-strength internal components that can be easily serviced and replaced when required.

Customize the mounting options for your cylinders to ensure a perfect fit on your equipment.

With over 45 years as a leader in hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing, trust RAM to provide your double-acting cylinder solutions!

Contact the RAM team today!


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Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 6, 2021 07:55

Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

Incorporating hydraulic valves as part of your cylinder design help you control fluid flow in your hydraulic system. Various valves can be used to regulate pressure, control flow volume and fluid direction.

RAM can perfectly match equipment specifications with a custom-designed valve configuration. Any size or type of cylinder can accommodate control valves to help improve the performance of your equipment.

Integrating control valves can provide easier assembly and maintenance with fewer components to change and connections to monitor.

One type of hydraulic valve incorporated into RAM designs is Depth Control Valves. These valves are often used with synchronizing cylinder applications to help control the oil flow while continuously monitoring the ground pressure. This maintains a consistent desired working depth for your application even on uneven terrain.

RAM’s custom approach provides flexibility with the types of valves incorporated and how the valves are mounted. Your equipment is unique to your application, so should your cylinder designs.

Contact the RAM team of experts to discuss valve design options for your cylinders!


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