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Six Hydraulic Cylinder Features That Put Safety First

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 31, 2023 08:05

Six Cylinder Features That Put Safety First

When there is no room for error, you can trust RAM hydraulic cylinders to ensure safety on your hydraulic equipment.

RAM's hydraulic cylinders are crucial in countless industries, powering a wide range of OEM machinery and equipment. Ensuring the safety of these applications is of utmost importance. Our custom approach means we can integrate various safety features into your hydraulic cylinders.

Our experienced engineering team at RAM Industries can work with the experts on your team to determine the most appropriate features to incorporate into your hydraulic cylinder design. Many common safety features include:

1. Emergency Stop Mechanisms

Emergency stop mechanisms are essential safety features for hydraulic cylinders used in industries where rapid stops are critical. These mechanisms can quickly halt cylinder movement in emergency situations, preventing accidents and equipment damage.

2. Overload Protection

Custom hydraulic cylinders can be equipped with overload protection systems, which automatically disengage or limit the cylinder's operation when it encounters excessive force. This prevents equipment damage and protects operators from potential accidents for applications that deal with heavy loads.

3. Position Feedback Sensors

Position feedback sensors provide an extra layer of safety where precise positioning is crucial. These sensors continuously monitor the cylinder's position and alert the system if any deviations occur, enabling rapid corrections and reducing the risk of accidents.

4. Locking Mechanisms

Both mechanical and hydraulic locking mechanisms can prevent unexpected movements. This can be vital when equipment stability is paramount, such as on tractors or oil rigs.

5. Fail-Safe Valves

Fail-safe valves are essential in applications where cylinder failure could result in catastrophic consequences. These fail-safe valves ensure hydraulic systems maintain functionality, even in a failure by isolating the failed component to prevent further damage.

6. Temperature and Pressure Sensors

Temperature and pressure sensors monitor hydraulic fluid's condition and pressure levels, helping to reduce overheating or system failures.

Incorporating other features, such as corrosion-resistant coatings or shock absorbers to dampen abrupt movements, can also extend the life of your cylinder and contribute to safe operations.

In a world where safety is paramount, custom hydraulic cylinders are an essential component in the pursuit of accident-free operations across various industries.

Contact RAM today to discuss incorporating the appropriate safety features specific to your requirements.