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Hydraulic Cylinder Testing Services

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing
Hydraulic Cylinder Testing Services
RAM Industries recognizes that hydraulic cylinders perform a critical function in the effective and efficient operation of OEM equipment. As your partner and expert in hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing, RAM offers sophisticated testing services to assist companies in verifying their cylinder design and performance specifications.

Testing services are made available through RAM's state-of-the-art onsite cylinder testing equipment – capable of evaluating R&D or prototype cylinders, as well as current production run cylinder models from RAM or other cylinder manufacturers.

Buckling, friction, endurance (cycle and impulse), drift and hydraulic proof pressure tests can be performed on a wide range of cylinder designs and sizes based on specific customer test parameters. Tests can also be conducted using SAE Standard testing methodologies (as specified in J1334, J1335, J1336).

RAM Hydraulic Testing Services include:

This test evaluates the column load capacity of a hydraulic cylinder. The test is conducted with the cylinder base side blocked and a column load applied to the fully extended cylinder. The cylinder must be able to withstand the specified loads as applied incrementally and gradually to the cylinder, while measuring radial deflection.

The cylinder friction test evaluates the internal cylinder friction. This simple test measures the minimum pressure required to move the cylinder at mid-stroke. This test allows you to compare frictional forces of different seal configurations and diametrical clearances to evaluate the cylinder performance.

This test is the most demanding test for the cylinder evaluation. The purpose of the test is to evaluate durability by simulating the life cycle of the cylinder. This test can be defined as continuing until the total number of cycles is reached or can run until a malfunction occurs. The test is conducted by stroking the cylinder at partial or full stroke under specified pressure to simulate cylinder application. Test parameters include: velocity, pressure, stroke length, number of cycles, cycle rate, partial or full stroke, and oil temperature range.

The impulse endurance test primarily evaluates the static seal performance of the cylinder. It also provides fatigue testing of the body and other mechanical components. The impulse endurance testing is conducted by fixing the cylinder into position and pressure cycling each side alternately at a minimum frequency of 1 Hz. This test is conducted at specified pressure, up to 5000 psi, until the specified number of cycles has been reached or a malfunction occurs.

The drift test evaluates the cylinder for internal and external leakage. It can be completed between the stages of the Cycle (Endurance) Test or Impulse Endurance Test, or at any time specified by the customer. The condition of the seals and internal cylinder components are evaluated with this test.

This test confirms the integrity of the internal and external components of the hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is checked for internal and external leakage at the end of the stroke in both the extended and retracted position at a specified proof pressure and for a specified period of time. This test is normally conducted at a specified pressure of 120% to 200% above the working pressure. RAM Industries has the capability to test up to a maximum of 10,000 PSI.

Contact RAM's knowledgeable Engineering Team today. We will work directly with your Company to ensure the cylinder test setup, monitoring, and reporting is customized to meet your specific cylinder assessment needs.

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