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Water-Based Hydraulic Cylinders

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   June 20, 2022 08:05

Water-Based Hydraulic Cylinders

Identifying sustainable and safe alternatives to traditional petroleum-based hydraulic fluid is critical to many industries including, marine, industrial, and mining applications. Water-based solutions can deliver robust protection under increasingly strenuous operating conditions while still helping improve operational efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Look to RAM Industries to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders that perform reliably and utilize these environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid options.

Using water as your primary fluid follows the same principles of traditional hydraulic cylinders for power production. The pressurized fluid places force against the piston to extend the cylinder. While there may be some performance differences, there are significant benefits to using this hydraulic medium. Selecting hydraulic cylinders that can properly utilize this fluid is critical!

Cost Savings – Water-based solutions typically contain 95 percent water with only 5 percent of a biodegradable synthetic additive. This means these solutions cost much less per gallon than petroleum-based fluids do.

Environmentally Friendly– Sustainable and biodegradable formulations for hydraulic fluid are increasing in demand as they reduce the environmental impact of leaks, equipment breakdown or spillage.

Safety – For many industries, eliminating harmful risks to the operator(s) and the environment are essential. Water-based hydraulic fluid is non-toxic and non-flammable. Applications with high operating environments of fire risk, such as mining, often rely on water-based cylinders for their fire resistance.

RAM’s expertise extends to all types of hydraulic cylinders. Our engineering team considers all the operational impacts of the cylinder design when utilizing water-based hydraulic fluids.

Material Selection – Stainless steel and nickel-over-chrome are common materials for components and provide corrosion protection.

Seals – Specialty seals are incorporated in water-based cylinders to ensure proper lubrication, prevent leaking, and material compatibility.

Operating Temperatures – Additives such as propylene glycol to the water can depress the freezing point without sacrificing the environmental compatibility of the water. This can be valuable for utility applications such as refuse collection trucks.

At RAM Industries, we always work with your team to clearly understand your fit and performance requirements. This custom approach allows us to design and build cylinders specific to your equipment.

Contact the RAM team to learn more water-based hydraulic cylinders today!