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Telescopic Cylinders That Go The Distance!

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 31, 2022 08:00

 Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders That Go The Distance

RAM Telescopic cylinders are the perfect solution for applications that demand a long cylinder stroke in a compact cylinder design. Telescopic cylinders provide a long stroke from a very compact retracted length.

RAM offers a full line of standard telescopic designs for your equipment. With 36 base designs to select from, all you need to do is pick the configuration, stroke and mounting option that works best for your application. RAM’s standard design includes specially prepared chrome tubing, high quality seals, and high strength internal components that can be easily serviced and replaced.

RAM also offers custom Telescopic cylinders that provide the flexibility to work with our engineering experts to determine the cylinder design requirements that perfectly fit your equipment fit and performance requirements. Custom telescopic cylinders can be built up to 5000 PSI providing additional force in heavy duty applications.

RAM offers both Single and Double Acting designs with up to 5 stages, and a wide selection of mount configurations.

The Single Acting Telescopic cylinder is the simplest of telescopic designs. A Single Acting telescopic cylinder is extended using hydraulic pressure, but is retracted using external forces (i.e. gravity or mechanical load) once the pressure is removed.

A Double Acting Telescopic cylinder is a more complex design and involves additional sealing within the internal body of the cylinder to seal off the different stages. Passageways are machined into the internal components of the cylinder to allow for proper staging. This type of design is usually utilized when gravity is not available to retract the cylinder.

RAM has the expertise working with OEM customers to either modify a standard design, or create a new prototype for their equipment.

Contact the experts at RAM today to find the right Telescopic cylinder solution for you!