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5 Cylinder Solutions for Tight Spaces

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   February 10, 2022 08:05

5 Cylinder Solutions for Tight Spaces

The position of each component on your equipment is critical to ensure optimal safety and performance. When space is limited for your hydraulic system, turn to the experts at RAM Industries!

RAM’s custom approach enables you to fit your machinery with hydraulic cylinders that will not only maximize your performance but will perfectly meet the specific space requirements on your machinery.


Many cylinder designs help maximize motion achieved in constrained spaces. RAM Telescopic cylinders and Piggy-back cylinders are two of the most common cylinders that provide space-saving benefits. RAM can also incorporate other unique cylinder design elements for your cylinders to save space on your equipment.


  1.  Telescopic cylinders provide a long stroke from a very compact retracted length. RAM manufactures telescopic cylinders with up to 5 stages. Depending on how gravity impacts your retraction, RAM can incorporate single-actingdouble- acting, or hybrid designs to ensure efficient performance.

  2.  Piggy-back cylinders have two cylinders welded or yoked together in opposite directions. This cylinder design can double the stroke available while maintaining consistent force for the full extension and retraction.

  3.  Increasing system pressure from 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI can provide better force production with higher pressure with a smaller cross-section.

  4.  Incorporating exotic metals can provide higher strength allowing a smaller cross-sectional size for mounts and barrels for larger diameter cylinders. Using stronger metals can allow savings on the overall diameter of your cylinder.

  5.  Utilizing unique internal components is another way to reduce cylinder length. Using a thread-on piston instead of a bolt-on piston can help you save on the overall length while maintaining strength.

RAM Industries always considers your overall application to ensure that cylinder strength is not compromised. The RAM engineering team has the expertise to work with you to find the right solutions that perfectly meet your fit and function requirements and maintain the reliability and integrity you expect.


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