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Rephasing Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   June 8, 2021 08:00


Rephasing Hydraulic Cylinders

Synchronizing cylinders are the perfect solution for applications that require two or more cylinders to extend and retract in near-unison.

RAM Industries Synchronizing hydraulic cylinders implement rephasing technology that enables a master cylinder and one or more slave cylinders to reliably retract in synchronization.

RAM’s standard synchronizing cylinder designs have a rephasing groove machined at the position of full extension allowing the oil to bypass the piston seal when fully extended.

The rephasing passageway enables the cylinders to rephase, operating evenly to raise and lower an implement to the desired working depth. Rephasing also allows air to be purged from the system.

RAM also offers an optional ball check synchronizing cylinder design. This custom machined port uses a ball to block the rephasing groove to enable retraction at any position.

All RAM hydraulic cylinders can be customized to fit your equipment requirements perfectly. Adding a depth control valve assembly will provide precise and infinite control of the rod movement.

Contact the RAM team today to let our Engineering team design a Synchronizing Cylinder set for your application!



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