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Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 7, 2021 08:00

Hydraulic Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

With rigorous demands placed on off-road machinery, you need assurance that the cylinders incorporated into your equipment design will stand up in the most severe applications.

RAM Industries has been supplying top-quality hydraulic cylinders for off-road equipment for over 45 years. RAM’s Heavy-Duty Cylinders perform reliably and safely, whether working under abrasive environmental elements, extreme weather conditions, and or rigorous operating conditions.

RAM's engineering team works closely to ensure properly rated materials and components are used to meet the requirements of even the most demanding and specialized equipment.

A safe working environment is critical when it comes to operations in remote locations. RAM can provide peace of mind for you and your customers by providing proof load testing and certification. This service provides assurance that your cylinders are manufactured to the strictest safety requirements.

A proof load test is typically performed on cylinders used in lifting or rigging applications, including overhead cranes and supporting runways, hoists, vehicle lifts, drilling rigs, service trucks, lifting platforms, telehandlers and attachments.

RAM cylinders can be proof tested on a load testing machine capable of linear test pulls up to 900,000 pounds. Magnetic particle tests are also available to confirm there is no evidence of cracks. Cylinders that are proof load certified may be stamped with the working load rating and a proof load rating.

RAM is committed to providing reliable cylinder solutions.

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