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How Intelligent Are Your Cylinders?

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 21, 2022 08:05

Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders

As your equipment becomes more sophisticated, your hydraulic cylinders should too!

RAM’s Smart Sensing Cylinders incorporate position sensing technology that streamlines equipment operation. With trends toward automation, position sensing hydraulic cylinders provide the smart integration required to complete an intelligent hydraulic system. With the increased demand for this technology, applications that utilize loading and unloading, transporting, lifting, and processing will benefit from these position sensing cylinders.

RAM cylinders incorporate Linear Displacement Transducers (LDTs), often referred to as linear position sensors. This technology can capture positional data and relay feedback through a signal to the hydraulic control system. The electronic feedback generates semi-automated or automated responses in the system triggering actions or sounding alarms as dictated by the specific application.

This innovative componentry achieves digital precision that responds to operational conditions as they occur. This real-time response creates efficiencies through automated responses and optimizes work for operators improving productivity and efficiency through increased output.

When you are designing your intelligent systems, look to RAM Industries to provide smart hydraulic cylinders that will perfectly integrate into your system.

RAM’s experienced engineering team works with the experts at your company to ensure the cylinder sensors will perfectly connect with your hydraulic system. We will help evaluate various considerations in the sensor selection specific to your performance requirements, including

  • Sensor accuracy required
  • Size and weight of the sensor
  • Measurement range of the sensor  
  • Operational temperatures of the equipment
  • Need to withstand environmental conditions

RAM cylinders can incorporate external or internal sensors depending on the application. The cylinder bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options are configured to meet your unique specifications.

While the shift to automation is rapidly increasing, RAM Industries has supported customers with smart sensing cylinder solutions for over fifteen years!

Trust RAM to provide position sensing cylinders as you enhance your equipment connectivity and performance.

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