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Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinders - RAM Industries Inc.

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   November 4, 2021 08:00

Heavy-Duty York Welded Cylinders

Heavy-duty welded cylinders provide a durable solution for industries with demanding operating conditions. RAM’s Heavy Duty YORK cylinders are uniquely designed for heavy loads and extreme duty applications.

Sixty predesigned models of Heavy-Duty YORK welded cylinders are available. These durable cylinders come in two styles. One style features a welded rod and base cross tube with grease zerks that provide lubrication for the pin. Another style has welded high-strength steel clevises on the rod and base end to support both sides of the mating tang. 

This Heavy-Duty YORK line comes in bore sizes from 5 to 8 inches and stroke lengths from 8 to 60 inches. The wide range of sizes meets the requirements of many different applications in construction, industrial, off-road, agriculture, mining, transportation, waste handling, and the oil and gas sector.

RAM’s double-acting Heavy-Duty YORK cylinders are rugged and dependable with superior material, expert workmanship, and advanced engineering. The cylinder barrels are made with a thicker steel cylinder wall to provide additional retraction and extraction strength based on the force produced.

These cylinders are designed to last. Standard features include:

  • A heavy-duty piston incorporates larger seals and wear ring
  • High-pressure seals withstand high operating pressures or shock loads
  • Wear rings reduce friction and increase rod support
  • An oversized piston stem gives increased strength in retraction
  • An internally threaded gland is easily removed for maintenance and reduces the cross section

RAM’s engineering experts can help you modify an existing design or create your own custom heavy-duty welded cylinder solution specific to your equipment requirements. Customization options include specialty materials, cushioning, mounts, ports and integrated valves. Smaller or larger sizes beyond standard models are also available.

Every RAM cylinder is pressure tested at the factory to a recommended working and shock pressure.

With over 45 years’ expertise, RAM ensures your hydraulic cylinders will perform to your specifications.

Contact RAM to discuss Heavy-Duty YORK Cylinders for your equipment today!



RAM Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinder Brochure


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