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Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 6, 2021 07:55

Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

Incorporating hydraulic valves as part of your cylinder design help you control fluid flow in your hydraulic system. Various valves can be used to regulate pressure, control flow volume and fluid direction.

RAM can perfectly match equipment specifications with a custom-designed valve configuration. Any size or type of cylinder can accommodate control valves to help improve the performance of your equipment.

Integrating control valves can provide easier assembly and maintenance with fewer components to change and connections to monitor.

One type of hydraulic valve incorporated into RAM designs is Depth Control Valves. These valves are often used with synchronizing cylinder applications to help control the oil flow while continuously monitoring the ground pressure. This maintains a consistent desired working depth for your application even on uneven terrain.

RAM’s custom approach provides flexibility with the types of valves incorporated and how the valves are mounted. Your equipment is unique to your application, so should your cylinder designs.

Contact the RAM team of experts to discuss valve design options for your cylinders!


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