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Lightweight Aluminum Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   February 10, 2022 08:00

Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders

If weight savings are critical for your application, RAM's Lightweight Aluminum cylinders might be the perfect solution for your equipment. RAM Aluminum cylinders are a durable and lightweight alternative to steel hydraulic cylinders. They are well suited for industries that require robust cylinders that are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

RAM's Lightweight Aluminum cylinders provide value for a wide range of industries. You will often find aluminum cylinders used in transportation as they offer weight savings and perform reliably on various trailer applications. Manufacturing companies often utilizes aluminum cylinders in production automation due to their high performance with frequent cycles. Recreation vehicle slides and their levelling systems also rely on lightweight cylinders.

Aluminum cylinders are designed to industry-standard dimensions, making them easy to exchange with existing cylinders on your equipment. RAM's standard aluminum cylinder designs include features that maximize functionality and performance: 

  • High-quality aluminum body and internal parts are lightweight and resist rust.
  • Hollow high-strength chrome-plated steel rods provide weight savings and allow for an internal feed tube.
  • Base fed ports with integrated oil lines save space and reduce the need for exposed hoses.
  • Thread-locker used for all critical connections ensure dependability and ease of serviceability.
  • High-quality urethane piston, rod, and wiper seals provide extrusion resistance.
  • High-strength nylon wear bands help maximize performance and prevent premature system wear. 

RAM's specialty is customizing cylinders to meet your specifications. Other unique features RAM can incorporate into our lightweight aluminum cylinders include:

  • A pilot-operated check valve can lock the cylinder by preventing any oil flow. This unique feature offers additional safety in the event of a line failure.
  • In-line or 90-degree mounting options provide flexibility and ensures optimal cylinder fit for any application.
  • Alternative finishes such as nitrided or induction hardened shafts provide additional corrosion protection and extended shaft life in harsh environments. 

Contact the RAM team today to discuss integrating RAM Lightweight Cylinders into your application!