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posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   April 27, 2021 08:05


Steering Hydraulic Cylinders

Fluid power steering systems have a long history of dependability and reliability.

Years ago, early vehicles relied on hydraulic fluid power for their steering systems. Today, off-road equipment in many industries continues to use hydraulic cylinders as part of their steering mechanisms. Current applications of hydraulic steering include harvesting equipment (such as in orchards and vineyards), military maintenance equipment, self-propelled snow removal equipment, and machinery used in construction, mining, forestry and marine industries.

RAM custom designs and builds hydraulic steering cylinders for many types of equipment. Our steering cylinders provide the force required to activate a steering system with a minimum of physical output.

There are three main requirements to consider in the design and selection of steering cylinders.

  1. The specifications for these cylinders must be very precise. They require a zero-play connection between the linkage and the steering cylinder. Three main connection types provide the snug fit needed – tie rod ends, spherical bearings or bushing type connections. Whatever option is selected by the customer, the design will have a very tight tolerance.
  2. There is an adjustment required to the cylinder's length to compensate for inconsistencies in the steering linkages. This adjustment keeps the tires or steering devices aligned. RAM can provide threaded ends on the outside or inside diameter, allowing for adjustment of the cylinder length for the final alignment.
  3. Precision movement and holding will ensure consistent control of the steering function. RAM achieves this cylinder control by incorporating advanced seal packs. These seals guarantee zero leakage or drift, while allowing the cylinders to respond according to your physical input.

Many other cylinder design options may be applicable to your steering system, including:

  • A variety of pressure ratings for the steering or control system.
  • Bore sizes to match the force needed for the application.
  • Various porting sizes and positions can be added based on your equipment fit requirements.
  • The addition of fail-safe valving is available to lock the steering cylinder if a catastrophic failure occurs on the oil lines.
  • Position sensing technology can be incorporated to provide real-time digital or analogue feedback of the cylinder stroke position during operation.

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