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Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   August 4, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Cushioning

Reducing the speed of a cylinder piston at the end of the stroke can be critical in some applications. RAM can incorporate hydraulic cushioning as part of a cylinder’s design. This feature can help reduce the stress on cylinder components and lesson vibration conveyed to other parts of equipment when operating at full force.

Careful evaluations by our experienced engineering staff determine the exact criteria to achieve the appropriate flow reduction. Factors that are evaluated include:

  • Maximum load that needs to be decelerated
  • Inertia and mass of the structure
  • Oil volume used in the application
  • Pressure rating of the equipment
  • Cycle time and frequency 

RAM’s engineering and machining expertise is demonstrated through the automated machining incorporating hydraulic cushions in our cylinders.

Holes are machined into the barrel, according to the cylinder design, to achieve the appropriate deceleration. Strategically placed port pass piston seals correspond to the hole locations to facilitate the restriction of oil flow. The hole location, number of holes, and piston seal placement and sizing are critical for every inch of motion. Hydraulic cushioning can be configured on both the extension and retraction ends of the cylinder.

RAM offers a few different standard cushioning configurations based on the applications the cylinder will be used on.

  • Basic applications requiring cushioning can use a design with two to four holes. A port block provides an oil channel to connect the multiple holes.
  • Applications with frequent or faster cycle time requirements may require a more complex configuration using multiple holes on the entire circumference of the barrel. An exterior steel tubing connects the internal oil channels and acts as an oil passage chamber to the port. This design allows for higher velocity cushioning and enables the cylinder to respond at a quicker rate.
  • Heavy-duty applications often use an internal configuration for cylinder cushioning. In this design the gland is machined with a precise chamber that forms a tight tolerance with a solid sleeve on the piston. A spud can also be incorporated on the end of the piston with a tight tolerance chamber in the cylinder base for double-ended cushioning.

Could your equipment benefit from the smoother stopping provided by hydraulic cushioning?

Contact the RAM team to discuss how we can incorporate hydraulic cushioning into cylinders for your projects.


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