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Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   July 6, 2021 07:55

Cylinder Control Valve Solutions

Incorporating hydraulic valves as part of your cylinder design help you control fluid flow in your hydraulic system. Various valves can be used to regulate pressure, control flow volume and fluid direction.

RAM can perfectly match equipment specifications with a custom-designed valve configuration. Any size or type of cylinder can accommodate control valves to help improve the performance of your equipment.

Integrating control valves can provide easier assembly and maintenance with fewer components to change and connections to monitor.

One type of hydraulic valve incorporated into RAM designs is Depth Control Valves. These valves are often used with synchronizing cylinder applications to help control the oil flow while continuously monitoring the ground pressure. This maintains a consistent desired working depth for your application even on uneven terrain.

RAM’s custom approach provides flexibility with the types of valves incorporated and how the valves are mounted. Your equipment is unique to your application, so should your cylinder designs.

Contact the RAM team of experts to discuss valve design options for your cylinders!


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RAM Reverse Engineering Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   June 8, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Reverse Engineering

Periodically, design information and technical specifications are not available for cylinders you need to replace. RAM’s reverse engineering solutions are one part of our full-service approach.

This service is beneficial if you have an original cylinder that you need to order but lack the in-house expertise or drawings.

In addition, reverse engineering makes it possible to order hard-to-find metric, European or other foreign model cylinders.

RAM’s sales team can help you arrange to send your cylinder(s) to RAM. Our engineering team will deconstruct the cylinders and extract each component's dimensions to create a new 2D or 3D cylinder design.

Theoretical calculations are performed to ensure the design will perform as expected. Production begins once the design is finalized and approved.

RAM’s success is built on its engineering and technical expertise. Our team can partner with you to refine the design that allows you to maintain the exact fit and function as before, with the quality and reliability that RAM cylinders provide.

Contact RAM today to learn more about how we can help you reverse engineer your cylinder solutions!



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Rephasing Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   June 8, 2021 08:00


Rephasing Hydraulic Cylinders

Synchronizing cylinders are the perfect solution for applications that require two or more cylinders to extend and retract in near-unison.

RAM Industries Synchronizing hydraulic cylinders implement rephasing technology that enables a master cylinder and one or more slave cylinders to reliably retract in synchronization.

RAM’s standard synchronizing cylinder designs have a rephasing groove machined at the position of full extension allowing the oil to bypass the piston seal when fully extended.

The rephasing passageway enables the cylinders to rephase, operating evenly to raise and lower an implement to the desired working depth. Rephasing also allows air to be purged from the system.

RAM also offers an optional ball check synchronizing cylinder design. This custom machined port uses a ball to block the rephasing groove to enable retraction at any position.

All RAM hydraulic cylinders can be customized to fit your equipment requirements perfectly. Adding a depth control valve assembly will provide precise and infinite control of the rod movement.

Contact the RAM team today to let our Engineering team design a Synchronizing Cylinder set for your application!



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Quality Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   May 18, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Quality

RAM implements high standards to produce high-quality cylinders. RAM puts quality at the core of everything we do.

RAM's engineering team has developed theoretical calculations through years of extensive experience in the cylinder business. These calculations are applied early in the design stage to ensure the hydraulic cylinders meet critical safety and performance factors.

RAM pays special attention to the procurement of high-caliber materials. Materials are evaluated and approved to meet design and engineering specifications.


Quality is reinforced with scheduled checks throughout the production process. After assembly 100% of RAM cylinders are thoroughly tested. This is an integral part of quality requirements before shipping.


Quality at RAM is more than a system. It is a mindset that affects all areas of our operations. RAM takes responsibility to deliver hydraulic cylinders designed and built with the customer in mind. You can trust RAM to deliver the quality product and service you expect.


Contact RAM for your quality hydraulic cylinder solutions today!




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Welded Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   May 18, 2021 08:00

Welded Cylinder Solutions

RAM's welded cylinders are known to be a durable, reliable option and work efficiently under pressure.

Standard designs like our YORK line of cylinders use high-strength materials like high-tensile cold-drawn steel. The increased strength allows them to handle higher pressure ratings and withstand external forces. Superior seal packages can increase life expectancy and work well in applications that involve extreme weather and external contaminants.

When space is at a premium, a reduced cross-sectional area can fit better in many types of machinery. These welded cylinders are concentric and centrally aligned, making them resistant to internal stresses. RAM ensures accuracy in the fit between various components.

RAM's team of highly skilled welders is an essential component of delivering dependable hydraulic cylinders. Our team uses a combination of manual, semi-automated, and automated welding.

RAM can customize welded cylinders specific to your equipment. We aim to provide cylinder solutions that meet your precise fit and performance requirements.

Contact the RAM team today customize a welded cylinder solution!


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RAM Steering Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   April 27, 2021 08:05


Steering Hydraulic Cylinders

Fluid power steering systems have a long history of dependability and reliability.

Years ago, early vehicles relied on hydraulic fluid power for their steering systems. Today, off-road equipment in many industries continues to use hydraulic cylinders as part of their steering mechanisms. Current applications of hydraulic steering include harvesting equipment (such as in orchards and vineyards), military maintenance equipment, self-propelled snow removal equipment, and machinery used in construction, mining, forestry and marine industries.

RAM custom designs and builds hydraulic steering cylinders for many types of equipment. Our steering cylinders provide the force required to activate a steering system with a minimum of physical output.

There are three main requirements to consider in the design and selection of steering cylinders.

  1. The specifications for these cylinders must be very precise. They require a zero-play connection between the linkage and the steering cylinder. Three main connection types provide the snug fit needed – tie rod ends, spherical bearings or bushing type connections. Whatever option is selected by the customer, the design will have a very tight tolerance.
  2. There is an adjustment required to the cylinder's length to compensate for inconsistencies in the steering linkages. This adjustment keeps the tires or steering devices aligned. RAM can provide threaded ends on the outside or inside diameter, allowing for adjustment of the cylinder length for the final alignment.
  3. Precision movement and holding will ensure consistent control of the steering function. RAM achieves this cylinder control by incorporating advanced seal packs. These seals guarantee zero leakage or drift, while allowing the cylinders to respond according to your physical input.

Many other cylinder design options may be applicable to your steering system, including:

  • A variety of pressure ratings for the steering or control system.
  • Bore sizes to match the force needed for the application.
  • Various porting sizes and positions can be added based on your equipment fit requirements.
  • The addition of fail-safe valving is available to lock the steering cylinder if a catastrophic failure occurs on the oil lines.
  • Position sensing technology can be incorporated to provide real-time digital or analogue feedback of the cylinder stroke position during operation.

Contact RAM today to discuss your steering application needs today!




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Maximize Your Investment with RAM

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   April 27, 2021 08:00

Maximize Your Investment - Hydraulic Cylinders

Your OEM equipment is the result of significant investment in research, engineering and design. We understand that the selection of cylinders requires the same detailed attention.

RAM’s engineering team establishes a close technical rapport with the experts in your organization. Together they can determine the precise cylinder parameters important to your equipment, the application and the operating conditions.

RAM uses the latest 3D modelling software to provide detailed approval drawings, parts breakdowns, and solid models for each cylinder. This service is beneficial for design verification, design pre-approval, and direct integration of the cylinders into an equipment design file.

RAM’s personalized approach provides flexibility with the design and placement of ports, mounts, and oil lines. Having the right cylinder fit is critical to ensure longevity for your equipment and maximizing performance.

With over 45 years of experience working with OEMs in a wide range of industries, you can trust RAM to provide quality hydraulic cylinders on time, optimized to your specifications.

Contact RAM today to learn more about how we can help maximize your cylinder investment.



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RAM Custom Heavy-Duty Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   March 17, 2021 08:05

Custom Heavy-Duty Cylinder Solutions

Heavy-duty OEM equipment requires robust hydraulic cylinders capable of handling the force and load of the toughest applications. RAM’s Custom Heavy-Duty cylinders are precisely engineered for your application, ensuring a reliable solution in the most demanding industries.


Modify a standard design or create a new prototype for your equipment. Configure the bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options to meet your overall design needs.


RAM’s expertise in designing and manufacturing custom heavy-duty cylinder solutions ensures the best high-quality materials are used specifically for your performance requirements.


Heavy-duty applications may benefit from specialized materials, including:

  • Corrosion-resistant materials for piston rods such as nitrided, stainless steel, or nickel-plated
  • High strength steel for barrels or mounts
  • Bronze, aluminum bronze, or composite bushings
  • High pressure or high flow ports
  • High or low-temperature seals

With over 45 years’ experience, RAM ensures your hydraulic cylinders function exactly as required!


Contact the RAM team today!




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RAMLOK Wirelock Cylinders

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   March 17, 2021 08:00

RAMLOK Wirelock Cylinders

RAMLOK® Wirelock hydraulic cylinders are one of RAM’s unique cylinder offerings. These cylinders incorporate RAMLOK steel rings to secure the barrel to the head and base. This assembly approach eliminates the welding process.


With the head and the base being secured using the RAMLOK Wirelock design, there are many advantages regarding ease of maintenance and repair of the cylinders. Some of these advantages include: 

  • Accessing seals is quick and easy by removing the steel ring.
  • Replacing parts is more economical as only the parts affected need to be replaced.
  • Flexibility to change the port position in the field with a range of position options.

RAM has 65 standard RAMLOK Wirelock cylinders designs available. The experienced engineering team at RAM can also work with your team to customize a RAMLOK cylinder specifically for your application requirements.


Talk to RAM’s team of experts to discuss incorporating RAMLOK® cylinders into your equipment designs.


Contact RAM today!




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Truck and Trailer Hoist Cylinders

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   February 23, 2021 08:05

Truck and Trailer Hoist Cylinders

Space on your equipment is at a premium! RAM Truck and Trailer Hoist cylinders provide maximum stroke in a compact design.

RAM's standard truck and trailer hoist cylinders are easily interchangeable with existing cylinders on OEM dump truck bodies, dump trailers and other hoist applications.

RAM’s expertise includes customizing our cylinders to provide the best fit and function for your equipment.

Be sure that your equipment will perform reliably for your customers with RAM single-acting telescopic Truck and Trailer Hoist cylinders. We can ensure these cylinders perform optimally with superior internal components such as high-quality rod seals, high-strength guide rings, and heavy-duty wipers. High-quality components provide durability, prevent failure and extend the cylinder life for your equipment.

With over 45 years of expertise in hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing, RAM Industries will help you maximize your equipment designs and strengthen your customer relationships!

Contact our team to get RAM cylinders on your equipment!



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