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Mast Raising Hydraulic Cylinders

Mast Raising Cylinders
RAM Industries provides a wide range of hydraulic cylinder solutions for the oil and gas industry, including RAM Mast Raising cylinders.

These specialized telescopic cylinders are specifically designed to accommodate the functional requirements when deploying a mast. When deployed, most masts do not have an even center of gravity. RAM Mast Raising cylinders are a unique hybrid of single and double-acting designs. The first stages of the cylinder are single-acting, with the last stage being double-acting to pull the weight of the load back over the center.

RAM’s standard mast raising cylinder designs are frequently used on smaller service rigs. These cylinders comply with industry standards and offer a 60-inch retracted length and 8 1/2 inch base bore size with 2500 PSI operating pressure. RAM ensures these cylinders are well supported internally to withstand the loading demands during deployment. The default mount includes tang mounting on the rod and base with standard grease zerks to provide lubrication to the joint.

RAM also has experience producing larger or even smaller mast raising cylinders. Our engineering expertise ensures RAM hydraulic cylinders will specifically meet your performance requirements. Incorporating design options to optimize your cylinder performance is our specialty.

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