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5 Cylinder Solutions for Tight Spaces

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   February 10, 2022 08:05

5 Cylinder Solutions for Tight Spaces

The position of each component on your equipment is critical to ensure optimal safety and performance. When space is limited for your hydraulic system, turn to the experts at RAM Industries!

RAM’s custom approach enables you to fit your machinery with hydraulic cylinders that will not only maximize your performance but will perfectly meet the specific space requirements on your machinery.


Many cylinder designs help maximize motion achieved in constrained spaces. RAM Telescopic cylinders and Piggy-back cylinders are two of the most common cylinders that provide space-saving benefits. RAM can also incorporate other unique cylinder design elements for your cylinders to save space on your equipment.


  1.  Telescopic cylinders provide a long stroke from a very compact retracted length. RAM manufactures telescopic cylinders with up to 5 stages. Depending on how gravity impacts your retraction, RAM can incorporate single-actingdouble- acting, or hybrid designs to ensure efficient performance.

  2.  Piggy-back cylinders have two cylinders welded or yoked together in opposite directions. This cylinder design can double the stroke available while maintaining consistent force for the full extension and retraction.

  3.  Increasing system pressure from 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI can provide better force production with higher pressure with a smaller cross-section.

  4.  Incorporating exotic metals can provide higher strength allowing a smaller cross-sectional size for mounts and barrels for larger diameter cylinders. Using stronger metals can allow savings on the overall diameter of your cylinder.

  5.  Utilizing unique internal components is another way to reduce cylinder length. Using a thread-on piston instead of a bolt-on piston can help you save on the overall length while maintaining strength.

RAM Industries always considers your overall application to ensure that cylinder strength is not compromised. The RAM engineering team has the expertise to work with you to find the right solutions that perfectly meet your fit and function requirements and maintain the reliability and integrity you expect.


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Lightweight Aluminum Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   February 10, 2022 08:00

Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders

If weight savings are critical for your application, RAM's Lightweight Aluminum cylinders might be the perfect solution for your equipment. RAM Aluminum cylinders are a durable and lightweight alternative to steel hydraulic cylinders. They are well suited for industries that require robust cylinders that are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

RAM's Lightweight Aluminum cylinders provide value for a wide range of industries. You will often find aluminum cylinders used in transportation as they offer weight savings and perform reliably on various trailer applications. Manufacturing companies often utilizes aluminum cylinders in production automation due to their high performance with frequent cycles. Recreation vehicle slides and their levelling systems also rely on lightweight cylinders.

Aluminum cylinders are designed to industry-standard dimensions, making them easy to exchange with existing cylinders on your equipment. RAM's standard aluminum cylinder designs include features that maximize functionality and performance: 

  • High-quality aluminum body and internal parts are lightweight and resist rust.
  • Hollow high-strength chrome-plated steel rods provide weight savings and allow for an internal feed tube.
  • Base fed ports with integrated oil lines save space and reduce the need for exposed hoses.
  • Thread-locker used for all critical connections ensure dependability and ease of serviceability.
  • High-quality urethane piston, rod, and wiper seals provide extrusion resistance.
  • High-strength nylon wear bands help maximize performance and prevent premature system wear. 

RAM's specialty is customizing cylinders to meet your specifications. Other unique features RAM can incorporate into our lightweight aluminum cylinders include:

  • A pilot-operated check valve can lock the cylinder by preventing any oil flow. This unique feature offers additional safety in the event of a line failure.
  • In-line or 90-degree mounting options provide flexibility and ensures optimal cylinder fit for any application.
  • Alternative finishes such as nitrided or induction hardened shafts provide additional corrosion protection and extended shaft life in harsh environments. 

Contact the RAM team today to discuss integrating RAM Lightweight Cylinders into your application!




Cylinder Port Flexibility

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   January 13, 2022 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Port Flexibility

Selecting a cylinder with proper ports and port placement is important to prevent stress on the cylinder during operation. Trust the experts at RAM to ensure your cylinder designs incorporate the right ports and port locations.

Hydraulic cylinder ports play a critical role in accommodating the fluid flow between the cylinder and the equipment. Ports allow fluid both in and out of the cylinder to achieve the linear motion produced by the cylinder. Restricted fluid movement through improperly sized ports or hydraulic hose binding can lead to pressure resistance.

Single-acting cylinders typically have one connection port at the lower portion of the cylinder body. This allows the oil to advance the piston rod and allow the oil to flow back into the hydraulic pump's reservoir when it retracts.

Double-acting cylinders perform with hydraulic fluid on both sides of the apron portion of the piston. They are equipped with two connection ports, one at the lower part, the other at the top part of the cylinder body.

RAM specializes in working alongside every customer to share ideas and gather critical information regarding each application's hydraulic cylinder fit and performance requirements. This collaboration ensures your cylinder design incorporates the ideal port type, size, and position.

Port Type

Ports contain standard thread dimensions to accept hydraulic fittings and hoses. There is a range of common port types available. The most commonly used ports include ORB or SAE (O-Ring Boss or Society of Automotive Engineers) and NPT (National Pipe Thread) ports. These ports are readily available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and materials.

Additional ports include JIC (Joint Industry Council), Code 61, Code 62 and Sandwich Plate. The application will often indicate which port option is best; however multiple port options may be suitable. For example, Code 61 and Code 62 ports are used in more robust and high-flow applications.

Port Size

Cylinder port sizes often range from 1/4 inch to 3 inches. They are typically referred by numbers from #1 to #48. In addition to cylinder size, the port size is essential to ensure an efficient flow rate from the hydraulic hose to the cylinder. The more fluid that needs to flow through, the bigger the port required. Using the correct sized port will prevent pressure resistance. The most common sized port used is #8, which is the equivalent of 1/2 inch hydraulic hose size.

Port Location

Cylinder port locations can be on any side of the cylinder head and cap end cover. Considerations for the ports' position include aligning the cylinder with the equipment design, ease of installation and servicing, ensuring optimal plumbing, and preventing binding or breakage points for hydraulic hose protection. Custom port manifolds can include specific hose locations on a cylinder or tie into the cylinder with additional control valves such as counterbalance valves.

With over 45 years of experience, you can trust the team at RAM to provide the optimal cylinder solutions specific to your equipment. RAM knows the ports on your cylinders can significantly impact the function and longevity of your cylinders and your equipment.

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Mast Raising Cylinder Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   January 13, 2022 08:00

Mast Raising Cylinder Solutions

Hydraulics play a significant role in derricks and masts used in oilfield drilling rigs to support the crown block and drill string used during a wellbore. Hydraulic cylinders enable rapid rig deployment while maintaining precise control and a safe operating environment. Telescoping cylinders are often used to deploy the equipment and to raise, set and lock the drill floor and mast in the operating position.

RAM Industries provides a wide range of hydraulic cylinder solutions for the oil and gas industry, including RAM Mast Raising cylinders. When deployed, most masts do not have an even center of gravity. RAM Mast Raising cylinders are a unique hybrid of single and double-acting designs. The first stages of the cylinder are single-acting, with the last stage being double-acting to pull the weight of the load back over the center.

RAM’s standard mast raising cylinder designs are frequently used on smaller service rigs. These cylinders comply with industry standards and offer a 60-inch retracted length and 8 1/2 inch base bore size with 2500 PSI operating pressure. RAM ensures these cylinders are well supported internally to withstand the loading demands during deployment. The default mount includes tang mounting on the rod and base with standard grease zerks to provide lubrication to the joint.

RAM also has experience producing larger or even smaller mast raising cylinders. Our engineering expertise ensures RAM hydraulic cylinders will specifically meet your performance requirements. Incorporating design options to optimize your cylinder performance is our specialty.

Some of the common features incorporated into RAM Mast Raising cylinders include:

  • Full single-acting or double-acting designs in addition to our hybrid format
  • Operating pressures up to 3000 PSI
  • Up to 5 stages to accommodate the extended lengths required on larger rigs
  • Large bore sizes up to 18 inches to match the force required for the specific application
  • Valve options like counterbalance or pilot operated check valves to provide additional safety
  • Wide range of mounts specific to your equipment, including the most common cross tube and clevis mounts 

RAM Industries has significant experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders that are used in the oil and gas industry all around the world. RAM knows you require dependable performance in any conditions. You can trust that RAM Mast Raising cylinders will reliably support your equipment.

Contact RAM Industries to discuss your mast raising cylinder needs.




Six Points For Cylinder Seal Selection

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   December 9, 2021 08:05

Six Points for Cylinder Seal Selection

Seal selection is an important decision in your hydraulic cylinder design. Proper seal selection significantly affects the cylinder performance and longevity.


RAM's expertise in hydraulic cylinders ensures you receive cylinders that meet needs specific to your application. RAM's engineering team works with the experts at your company to fully understand the requirements for your cylinder's operation.


Six points for seal selection include:


1.       Pressure Rating

Selecting hydraulic seals specific to the operating pressure and potential pressure surges is vital. The appropriate seals will sufficiently maintain pressure and help prevent damage or leaking.


2.       Single or Double-Acting

Single-acting seals are designed for cylinders where pressure is applied from one side only. Double-acting seals are used in cylinders where pressure is applied on both sides. The configuration and type of seals on the piston is a factor in ensuring optimal cylinder performance.


3.       Operating Temperature

The cylinder’s operating environment can influence the material selection of your seals. Considerations include the temperature at cylinder startup and temperature during peak operation. Cylinder seals can be optimized from -40 degrees C/-40 degrees F to 200 degrees C/392 degrees F. Some industrial applications such as steel mills, plastic injection molding, and paint lines may require seals that accommodate even higher thresholds.


4.       Medium Used

Selected seals must be compatible with the internal fluid medium to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The most commonly used medium is petroleum-based oil. Other fluids include water-based hydraulic fluid such as water-glycol, bio-based oils such as vegetable oils, and petroleum-based oils with fire suppression additives.


5.       Velocity

Seal response within the cylinder can be influenced by the operating velocity of the piston rod during stroking. Slow cylinders can struggle with "seal stick." Reduced friction seals make them slippery and function more smoothly. High-velocity cylinders need seals that can keep up with the speed and temperature generated from the frequency of use.


6.       Longevity

Cylinder cycle frequency can determine the longevity required from the seals. A cylinder used once a day compared to one used 30 times an hour 24/7 may require more robust seals. Selecting the right seal based on the operation frequency ensures they will work reliably for the expected life cycle.


These factors impact hydraulic seal style, configuration and material composition.


Trust RAM Industries to recommend seal solutions best suited to your application


Contact RAM today!



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Gooseneck Hydraulic Cylinders - RAM Industries

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   December 9, 2021 08:00

Gooseneck Cylinders

Hauling heavy equipment is made easy with hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers. Gooseneck cylinders showcase their strength in this application by doing the heavy lifting for you.

This lowboy trailer style is very common and versatile because of the ease in loading and unloading. Hydraulic cylinders make it simple and fast for the operator to detach, raise and lower the trailer from a truck when required.

Gooseneck cylinders are designed to lift the full load rating of the trailer. They also work to maintain a constant center of balance and keep the load secure during transport in any conditions.

Examples of RAM hydraulic cylinders used on gooseneck trailers include:

  • Gooseneck folding cylinders
  • Detachable gooseneck tongue cylinders

  • Hydraulic detachable gooseneck lift cylinders

  • Tower lift cylinders

RAM Gooseneck cylinders are double-acting and range from 5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. The most common size is 10 inches in diameter with a 4-inch shaft. A clevis-style mount is typically used on both ends and includes a heavy pin 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter. A popular feature RAM provides is a drilled pin. This drilled hole allows grease to lubricate the connection between the pin, mount and the trailer giving extended life to the joint.

The majority of gooseneck cylinders operate in retraction, putting additional stress where the piston and shaft join. RAM uses high-quality steel and incorporates a set screw as a secondary locking device between the piston and the shaft to ensure they have the needed strength.

RAM considers operating conditions for all cylinder designs. In this application, high-quality wipers are used for aggressive scraping to remove material adhering to the shaft during transport. Corrosion resistant shafts and RAM’s two-part urethane paint process also provide additional protection.

RAM Industries has extensive experience building custom heavy-duty and reliable hydraulic cylinders for transportation applications. Whether you have a concept or a design, our technical sales and engineering teams work with you to supply cylinders that precisely fit your equipment. This is one of many benefits of RAM’s custom engineered approach to designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.

Contact the experts at RAM today to discuss your gooseneck trailer cylinder requirements.


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Hydraulic Cylinder Sourcing Solutions

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   November 4, 2021 08:05

Hydraulic Cylinder Sourcing Solutions

Many considerations drive hydraulic cylinder sourcing decisions. When selecting your hydraulic cylinder provider, it's important to choose a company that will partner with you to understand and meet your procurement objectives.


Communication is a vital part of this partnership. The RAM team works closely with procurement and engineering staff to understand specific requirements and business objectives. Discussing your goals early in the process helps us deliver solutions that specifically meet your needs.


RAM has extensive experience delivering cylinder solutions that meet a wide range of purchasing objectives.


Cost Reduction 

RAM aims to provide competitive pricing based on specific custom cylinder needs. Our team offers a wide variety of flexible cost saving options, including design considerations, breakpoint quantity pricing or blanket purchase orders.


Performance Improvements

RAM's engineering team works to understand your application and targeted requirements. We use our extensive design expertise and theoretical calculations to recommend cylinder designs that will optimize performance.


Hydraulic System Space Limitations

RAM can incorporate various space-saving design solutions. Examples include piggy-back or tandem cylinder designs, single or double-acting telescopic cylinders, various mounts and mounting locations, and port options for enhanced hose routing. The result is cylinders engineered to precisely fit your equipment.


Domestic Cylinder Manufacturing

As a North American manufacturer, RAM is committed to providing high-quality cylinders with lead times that work for your operations. RAM’s factory incorporates technological advancements in machining, welding, process equipment, systems and engineering as part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing Capacity

RAM's flexible manufacturing model simultaneously accommodates multiple cylinder designs, low and high-volume orders, basic to sophisticated machining, and a wide range of cylinder sizes. This means there are no limitations to incorporating your order preferences into our production flow.


RAM uses an ERP system and barcode scanning to closely monitor the production progress of your order. RAM carefully plans deliveries based on your specific inventory and production timing.


RAM is committed to ensuring the correct number of cylinders are shipped on time, every time, at the cost and quality standards you expect.


We believe successful partnerships start with in-depth discussions. RAM is ready to talk with your procurement and engineering teams to understand your objectives and requirements. 


Contact RAM to discuss your needs today!




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Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinders - RAM Industries Inc.

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   November 4, 2021 08:00

Heavy-Duty York Welded Cylinders

Heavy-duty welded cylinders provide a durable solution for industries with demanding operating conditions. RAM’s Heavy Duty YORK cylinders are uniquely designed for heavy loads and extreme duty applications.

Sixty predesigned models of Heavy-Duty YORK welded cylinders are available. These durable cylinders come in two styles. One style features a welded rod and base cross tube with grease zerks that provide lubrication for the pin. Another style has welded high-strength steel clevises on the rod and base end to support both sides of the mating tang. 

This Heavy-Duty YORK line comes in bore sizes from 5 to 8 inches and stroke lengths from 8 to 60 inches. The wide range of sizes meets the requirements of many different applications in construction, industrial, off-road, agriculture, mining, transportation, waste handling, and the oil and gas sector.

RAM’s double-acting Heavy-Duty YORK cylinders are rugged and dependable with superior material, expert workmanship, and advanced engineering. The cylinder barrels are made with a thicker steel cylinder wall to provide additional retraction and extraction strength based on the force produced.

These cylinders are designed to last. Standard features include:

  • A heavy-duty piston incorporates larger seals and wear ring
  • High-pressure seals withstand high operating pressures or shock loads
  • Wear rings reduce friction and increase rod support
  • An oversized piston stem gives increased strength in retraction
  • An internally threaded gland is easily removed for maintenance and reduces the cross section

RAM’s engineering experts can help you modify an existing design or create your own custom heavy-duty welded cylinder solution specific to your equipment requirements. Customization options include specialty materials, cushioning, mounts, ports and integrated valves. Smaller or larger sizes beyond standard models are also available.

Every RAM cylinder is pressure tested at the factory to a recommended working and shock pressure.

With over 45 years’ expertise, RAM ensures your hydraulic cylinders will perform to your specifications.

Contact RAM to discuss Heavy-Duty YORK Cylinders for your equipment today!



RAM Heavy-Duty YORK Welded Cylinder Brochure


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Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 7, 2021 08:00

Hydraulic Cylinder Proof Load Assurance

With rigorous demands placed on off-road machinery, you need assurance that the cylinders incorporated into your equipment design will stand up in the most severe applications.

RAM Industries has been supplying top-quality hydraulic cylinders for off-road equipment for over 45 years. RAM’s Heavy-Duty Cylinders perform reliably and safely, whether working under abrasive environmental elements, extreme weather conditions, and or rigorous operating conditions.

RAM's engineering team works closely to ensure properly rated materials and components are used to meet the requirements of even the most demanding and specialized equipment.

A safe working environment is critical when it comes to operations in remote locations. RAM can provide peace of mind for you and your customers by providing proof load testing and certification. This service provides assurance that your cylinders are manufactured to the strictest safety requirements.

A proof load test is typically performed on cylinders used in lifting or rigging applications, including overhead cranes and supporting runways, hoists, vehicle lifts, drilling rigs, service trucks, lifting platforms, telehandlers and attachments.

RAM cylinders can be proof tested on a load testing machine capable of linear test pulls up to 900,000 pounds. Magnetic particle tests are also available to confirm there is no evidence of cracks. Cylinders that are proof load certified may be stamped with the working load rating and a proof load rating.

RAM is committed to providing reliable cylinder solutions.

Contact RAM to discuss your project requirements today! 




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Vote for RAM Industries - Leadership in Engineering

posted by RAM Industries Inc.    |   October 7, 2021 07:59

Fluid Power Leadership in Engineering

RAM Industries is a solutions provider and thought leader in the fluid power industry. RAM represents the fluid power industry as experts in engineering, design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.

Design World has compiled the top companies for Leadership in Engineering in various industries, including Fluid Power. On the RAM Industries company profile page, you have the opportunity to vote for us as a Leader in Fluid Power!

Visit RAM’s profile and vote today!


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